Our standards are high. We want change in fashion. We want more #vegan #sustainability #co2footprint #fair payment #local production #less #better working conditions #organic.

That's why we only work with exclusive labels that meet our requirements and only produce in certified, ecologically sustainable factories that can present their supply chain transparently and pay the farmers behind them fairly, pay their employees fairly and ensure good working conditions in their factories. Do you want that too? Then let the stories about our cooperation partners now : )



Aesthetics + Minimalism = REDWOOD! We are very happy about the cooperation! This brand from Potsam understands like few other fashion labels in Germany that sustainability in fashion can be cool and doesn't have to be off the peg. If you value clothing that is made from sustainable materials, the production conditions are transparent and the quality meets the highest standards and you would like to support your local label, then ROTHOLZ is the right place for you! And everything made in Europe. The caps are produced in Poland and the beanies in Germany. Girls and boys, women and men will find everything from head to toe that is essential for a cool street style look at ROTHOLZ.

ROTHOLZ shows us how fashion can be created in harmony with nature and people in the most beautiful sense. Inspired by the essential Japanese design aesthetic, its roots lie in urban art and culture.

Check out the beanies and caps from ROTHOLZ in our store and see for yourself!



Pure passion for headgear = COSTO! There are only a few labels in Europe that specialize exclusively in sustainable headwear. No matter what color or shape, whether beanie, hat or caps. At COSTO you will also find your suitable headwear. The label from Finland has taken it upon itself to buy up surplus material from the textile industry in Europe and to conjure up unique headwear for you from these materials. And from our own experience we can tell you that the quality and the designs are just great! COSTO produces its products exclusively in Finland and Estonia. So you can wear the products with a clear conscience and even protect the fabric from unnecessary disposal.

COSTO has set itself the goal of manufacturing products that do not follow trends. Three aspects are essential: quality, ecology and style.

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So close to the sea = KLITMØLLER COLLECTIVE! Have you ever heard of Klitmøller? Or "Cold Hawaii"? Then you probably already know where the name KLITMØLLER COLLECTIVE comes from. It is one of the hottest surf spots in Europe, located in Denmark. And that is where the brand KLITMØLLER COLLECTIVE comes from. The target group of this Nordic label are people who are inspired by the rough Nordic nature. Designed in Denmark and produced in selected family-run factories in Portugal, the label has a clear focus on timeless, classic products made of high-quality, sustainable materials. The caps, bucket and beanies are also of timeless beauty in design and colors and can be combined perfectly.

The aesthetic language of KLITMØLLER COLLECTIVE is always found in nature and the sea.

Take a look at the wide range of headwear from KLITMØLLER COLLECTIVE in our store now! 



Connected to nature = NIKIN! At NIKIN you can feel the connection to nature through and through. Starting with the brand label with the "fir tree", this special brand is permeated by the idea of sustainability in every phase of its creation. In order to involve you as a customer in this creative process, one tree is planted for each product sold. Guaranteed! So if you order your next beanie or cap from NIKIN on OOOH NICE! you will receive your personal tree certificate at the end of the purchase together with your order. For us it is a special pleasure to work with a young and dynamic label like NIKIN, which with their own projects in research for recyclable materials, such as polylama, creates new approaches for a more sustainable fashion.

High quality demands on the materials used, their durability, recyclability as well as their production in European factories in Poland and Bulgaria make every beanie and cap from NIKIN your distinctive headwear.

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Against the exploitation of humans, animals and plants = PLANT FACED CLOTHING! Your "proudly female owned" vegan streetwear label from London, which is 100% committed to ethical principles. The label primarily sells outerwear for stylish girls and boys and also has very cool beanies and caps in its program. PLANT FACED CLOTHING prefers organic or recycled materials in their products, coupled with strict environmental certifications in the production of their fashion. However, the label does not produce in Europe, but in China and therefore has the largest footprint of all labels we work with. Due to the high standards of PLANT FACED CLOTHING we are convinced that we can offer you the products with a clear conscience. But we are also interested that PLANT FACED CLOTHING should also have its production partly in Europe in the future.

PLANT FACED CLOTHING shows how to develop high-quality and stylish fashion according to the highest ethical standards, which you as a customer can wear with a clear conscience.

Check out the caps and beanies of PLANT FACED CLOTHING in our store now!